New Music: Estelle Mey – Meteorites

Rainham, Kent-based rock artist Estelle Mey has featured a couple of times before on this blog. It was at the end of March this year that she hit my radar thanks to her powerful track Snake (Rejection). In May, we followed that up with a share of Late, and now she’s back again. Her latest is her most expansive yet. It’s called Meteorites.

By Graeme Smith

Estelle Mey is what you get when you combine Nine Inch Nails, Kate Bush and Eivor, a mix of hard rock and ethereal neo folk. Her latest track truly pushes the envelope, ostensibly uncategorisable with its sound, and forever holding a surprise around its next sonic corner. As ever, Estelle’s vocals are the star of the show, passionate and mesmerising.

Estelle’s next EP Meteor is set for release on 10 November and I can’t wait to hear what else this chapter of her music has in store for us. I hope you’ll feel the same. You can check out Meteorites below.

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