New Music: Birds are better – Superman Is Laughing

Birds are better, the musical project of Oslo, Norway-based artist Stian Fjelldal, has become something of a regular feature on this blog. He first came to our attention at the end of last year, and has been reappearing regularly since, most recently at the start of this month with his single The Loop. He’s already back with another. It’s called Superman Is Laughing.

By Graeme Smith

Stian’s new song plays out like a dream sequence. We’ve probably all had it – a dream in which we’re flying, but in his version it feels more like swimming. Superman Is Laughing is exactly the kind of poetic song writing we’ve come to expect from birds are better, and its paired with gentle, stirring indie folk instrumentals. It’s all so beautifully lush that it’s a definite must-listen.

Superman Is Laughing is out now via Didelidoo Music. You can give it a listen below.