Video: Frank Joshua – If I (Side Liner Remix)

Regular readers of this blog should be well acquainted with the name Frank Joshua by now. We’ve been featuring his music since the summer of last year where he appeared in Jane’s Month Favourites round up. His latest gives us something of a twist on his already unique sound. It’s a Side Liner remix of his track If I.

By Graeme Smith

Side Liner is Nick Miamis. He held a competition for songwriters to pitch tracks to him to remix and this collaboration is the result, with Nick accepting the challenge to get his head around Frank’s unconventional style of pop. If I originally featured on Frank’s 2021 album Sense Life and this remix breathes new life into it through a funky, textured arrangement that brings together pop, electro and industrial elements seamlessly. It’s all underpinned by Frank’s gift for storytelling in the lyrics.

Frank has even more music planned for the autumn and winter, with his third album on the horizon for next Spring. You can check out the video for If I (Side Liner Remix) below.

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