Discovery: wht.rbbt.obj

Wht.rbbt.obj is an intriguingly-named rock band from Chicago, USA who have just hit my radar thanks to their latest single. A poetic indie rock track with a depth of emotion, it’s called No Rainbows In Indiana.

By Graeme Smith

No Rainbows In Indiana takes you to the melancholic side of the American heartlands, painting a vivid picture of agriculture as far as you can see, soaked with rain and under heavy skies. The story plays out against a backdrop of fuzzy, blues rock, with rumbling bass, steady percussion and compelling riffs. The vocals are beautifully soulful. You feel like you’re in good hands on this alternative roadtrip.

Wht.rbbt.obj was started by married couple Frank and River Rabbitte. They have a new EP, Whiskey Hotel Tango, on its way and I, for one, can’t wait to hear it. You can check out No Rainbows In Indiana below.

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