EP Review: The Cookie Jar Complot – Lobster Knife Fight

I’ve been looking forward to Luxembourg-based instrumental rock act The Cookie Jar Complot’s new EP for awhile, having already shared a few singles from it. Now, it’s finally here and is everything that was promised. Eight tracks of highly individual alternative rock. It’s called Lobster Knife Fight.

By Graeme Smith

Though many of the track titles are familiar, this EP sees new versions of previously-released tracks plus unreleased interludes for Complot-enthusiasts to enjoy. It starts with Beaver Deceiver which unfolds over five minutes of boundary pushing post and math rock. A quiet, introspective intro quickly gives way to a looping, driving rhythm that has plenty of jangle in among its electronic overtones. It’s a bright opening.

Cicadas keeps things lively with an echoing arrangement and dance beat before Villabajo slows things down with some reflective guitar noodling. Birds Are A Lie completes the first half of the EP with a soaring math rock arrangement that rises and falls with a sense of paranoid adventure.

Tilidin Zidane opens the EP’s second half with a simmering number that mixes melodic verses with hard-rock punctuation. Pigeon Slayer is a gentle and laidback vignette before Bats, Bringer Of The Night gives us the EP’s final full-length track. It represents The Cookie Jar Complot sound at its heaviest while also giving us lighter textured moments. LLTAOS then rounds things off with a quiet coda.

I’ve said it before, but I’m in love with what The Cookie Jar Complot are doing. This EP truly seals the deal, and shows how the duo aren’t afraid to try new things with their distinctive sound. Lobster Knife Fight is a must listen for fans of instrumental rock.

The Cookie Jar Complot are song writing duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener. Lobster Knife Fight is out now digitally, and will be available on vinyl from 10 November. You can give it a listen below.