New Music: The Margaret Hooligans – Revenge of the ScarJo

The Margaret Hooligans are an American rock band I always find myself returning to, and their regular cadence of new releases certainly helps. Their latest is intriguingly-titled and turns sexual harassment on its head. It’s called Revenge of the ScarJo.

By Graeme Smith

In our world, women are subject to harassment on the daily while we men get away relatively scot-free. Revenge of the ScarJo imagines a world in which this is reversed, drawing attention to the gender inequality in our society. It opens with clattering percussion and mechanical riffs while the vocals are contrastingly organic. It’s all tied together by a sweeping, rebellious chorus.

The track is the second single release from The Margaret Hooligans’ fourth album ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll, set for release in October next year. It was recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing, mixed and produced by Mr. Strontium, who also features on backing vocals and drums. Meg Cratty is the lead vocalist, and plays electric guitar and electric ukulele. You can give it a listen below.

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