EP Review: Eric Kehoe – Indications

Eric Kehoe is an American singer songwriter hailing from Detroit who has just caught my attention thanks to his new EP Indications. Inspired by the greats and classic rock and roll, he takes his cues from the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and David Bowie.

By Graeme Smith

A true master of his craft, Eric wrote, recorded and played every instrument on his new record. It opens with the raw ambience of Peace Drones. You can hear the sound of rain in the background as Eric picks his acoustic guitar, drawing us into an atmospheric world. Lively percussion comes in, taking things in a psychedelic direction before finally we get Eric’s smooth vocals. It’s an enticing start.

Last Time ups the energy with a cantering, country-infused rock number. Eric’s vocals are wonderfully soaring during a simmering verse and groovy chorus. Kind of Feeling sits at the heart of the EP and gives us some fuzzy bass that contrasts the high register of Eric’s sultry vocals and its light electronica. It’s a highlight.

Sol Power slows things down with a smouldering and soulful moment with a classic, noodling guitar solo before Three Bakers rounds off the EP with a delicately descriptive story. Opening gently it builds to a textured and layered soft rock arrangement that proves to be another highlight.

Eric Kehoe is such an accomplished songwriter and he shows so much of us in this five track collection. The fact that he’s able to do it all himself is the icing on the cake. I’m so glad to have discovered his music and I hope you will be too. You can check out Indications below.