Discovery: B. Hamilton

B. Hamilton is the musical project of Oakland, USA-based singer songwriter Ryan Christopher Parks. He’s been releasing music since 2011, but has only just hit my radar thanks to his newly released track, taken from his new EP Saigon Market. It’s called Things I Learned at the Anti-Gentrification Bake Sale.

By Graeme Smith

As you can tell from its title, Things I Learned… has plenty of storytelling and a touch of humour about it. It opens stripped-back and acoustic, giving plenty of room to Ryan’s soulful vocals and their descriptive lyrics. There’s something a little old school folk about its story, but it’s very much set in the modern day, and based on Ryan’s own experiences living in Oakland.

Joining Ryan on the track is drummer Raj Kumar Ojha. The EP Saigon Market is out now in all the usual places, and you can check out Things I Learned… below.