Interview: Desarae Dee

It’s been almost a year since we spoke to unique musician Desarae Dee, but after listening to her amazing new track FUSE, I wanted to find out more! It’s an awesome song, mixing together elements of a few different genres to create something extremely distinctive. If you missed it the first time round, you can check out FUSE at the bottom of this interview!

By Jane Howkins

It’s been a while since we last spoke to you. How has your year been so far?

My year has been very productive and I’ve been focusing a lot on myself, my career and planning for 2024 and beyond.

You recently released a new song called FUSE. What can you tell us about the track?

FUSE is a special song as I wrote it within months of almost quitting music back in 2018. I wrote it after having a personal epiphany and a discovery in Garage Band at the time. I decided to take producing more seriously and producing for other instruments, in addition to the piano. I found myself exploring 80s sounds, electronic, house, synth pop and combining those styles with my jazz chords and that’s how FUSE was born. I held onto this song for 5 years before I decided to finally release the song and collaborate with Trill Beetz, a dear friend of mine from Connecticut.

How has the reception to FUSE been so far, and where can it be purchased?

The reception of the song has been amazing. I’ve gotten a lot of offers for press, Spotify playlist inclusions and radio. I’ve received many positive reviews on the song and everyone has fallen in love with it. FUSE can be purchased on iTunes and Bandcamp and streamed on all digital platforms.

The track also features Trill Beetz. How did the collaboration come about?

Trill Beetz and I have been good friends for the last few years (we met during the pandemic) and we’ve always wanted to work together, but could never get our schedules to line up. When I made the decision to finally put FUSE out, he was totally on board to collaborate and boy did he understand the assignment! I knew that I wanted to elevate the production quality of the song, so he stepped in and really added a creative boost.

Do you have any more singles planned for release?

I don’t have any singles planned for release until 2024.

Are there any plans for an EP or album anytime soon?

I actually will be releasing Movement 2 of my Christmas EP, Moments of Christmas in December 2023. The first movement was released in December 2020.

FUSE has a really cool electronic vibe, also adding other genres into the mix. What/who were you influenced by when making the track?

I’ve always had a keen liking of 80s influenced music, electronic and house sounds, but Michael Jackson was definitely an inspiration of mine when creating this song. I am also a lover of a solid bass line and with this song, I wanted the bass line to be the driving force.

Do you have anything else exciting coming up this year?

I will be hosting and performing at my bi-annual Christmas event, Moments of Christmas in December 2023.

Do you have any tour dates lined up for the UK?

I actually just played in the UK this past summer for the first time with a Canadian hip-hop group called Super Duty Tough Work. My hope is that I will be able to play my own solo show in the near future. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that!

Any last words for the fans?

Continue to stay true to who you are. It’s okay to be different and still find success in what you are doing.