Video: Lauren Marcus – Skinny & Blonde

Lauren Marcus is an artist based in New York, USA who has just come to my attention thanks to her new track and video. A song all about staying true to oneself, it’s called Skinny & Blonde.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Gabriella Spiegel

It feels like we’re moving past it, but there’s still some ways to go before we live in a society that doesn’t judge on appearances. Skinny & Blonde takes aim at the conventional standard of beauty, reminding us that we’re all beautiful in our own way. It’s delivered through an upbeat, retro instrumental arrangement and Broadway quality theatrical vocals. A swinging verse gives way to an earworm chorus.

Skinny & Blonde was produced and mixed by Ian Kagey, mastered by Oscar Zambrano, and arranged by Charlie Rosen. It was recorded at the Power Station in New York City. Featuring on the track are Mike Rosengarten on guitar, Matt Scharfglass on bass, Jeremy Yaddaw on drums, Rob Rokicki on piano, Josh Plotner on sax, Danny Jonokuchi on trumpet, Becca Patterson on trombone, and Lauren Marcus on vocals and wurlitzer. Backing vocals come courtesy of Amara Brady, Katie Lee Hill, Hana Slevin and Natalie Walker.

If you happen to be in New York this weekend, you can catch Lauren perform live at Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday.

You can check out the music video for Skinny & Blonde, shot and produced by Halleloo Creative, below.

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