Video: Thy Veils – Here We Are Sidereal

Romanian electronic pop act Thy Veils have featured a couple of times already on this blog. They first came to our attention at the beginning of this year thanks to their track Influx. I then quickly followed that up with a share of their single Upstream. Now they’re back with a new track and video celebrating humanity’s first cosmic holiday. It’s called Here We Are Sidereal.

By Graeme Smith

Here We Are Sidereal was recorded live at Galactic Tick Festival in Timișoara, România in September. The song comes complete with a dance show, and it’s certainly a combination that will get you wanting to move. Moody lighting is combined with sensual dance, atmospheric electronica and ethereal vocals.

It’s all in celebration of Galactic Tick Day which draws attention to the fact that we are on a celestial body making its way around The Milky Way.

Thy Veils was founded by producer Daniel Dorobanțu who is joined by Alira Mun, Maria Hojda, and Francesca Hojda. The video for Here We Are Sidereal features dance performances from Alexandra Girbea, Denisa Coropca, Diana Abdo, Andra Cara, Sara Ghilezan, Miruna Herec, Andreea & Mohamed Irksousi, Andrei Lazar, Marin Lupanciuc, and Sebastian Teodorovici. You can check it out below.

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