New Music: Leti – When the Rain Comes Down

London-based artist Leti has appeared on this blog once before, earlier this year when she hit my radar through her mythology-inspired track Orpheus. Now she’s back with a new one that combines jazz-infused indie pop with introspection. It’s called When the Rain Comes Down.

By Graeme Smith

Opening gently and acoustic, When the Rain Comes Down instantly evokes cosy autumn evenings where there’s nothing to do but reflect. Expressive vocals come in, delivering philosophical lyrics. All the while, jazzy, offbeat piano maintains the mood. There really is a beautiful uniqueness about it.

Originally from Switzerland, it’s been a big year for Leti who received support from Help Musicians. Outside of her own music, she also facilitates voice and song writing circles, and even lead one at Glastonbury Festival.

You can give When the Rain Comes Down a listen below.

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