Album Review: Hana Piranha – Wingspan

Recently I shared the track Lorelai by Brighton-based alternative rock act Hana Piranha. It’s a track that features on their fourth album which has been three years in the making. It’s out now and it’s called Wingspan.

By Graeme Smith

Wingspan opens with the enticing Azure. It starts gently, with delicate plucked strings and expressive vocals delivering visceral lyrics. As it progresses, it builds dramatically, first with vocal chanting, then with marching drums and a bombastic rock arrangement. It’s a slow-burning but ultimately rewarding intro. I was keen to hear more by the time I reached its breathless end.

I Wanna Leave brings with it some industrial-tinged hard rock with heavy bass contrasting soaring, pleading vocals. The aforementioned Lorelai provides an early highlight with its mythical storytelling and anthemic style before The Devil Always Pulls Through gives us a quiet reflective moment before building to a rousing, driving cinematic rock climax. It’s another highlight.

Only Love Remains takes things in a dreamier direction tempered by an undercurrent of grunge rock. Hurt the Ones You Love is a brooding number brightened by twinkling keys. Elixir of Life livens things up with some machine gun riffs and defiant vocals. Left Me Here to Die is a simmering bluesy number. Hana describes Lana Del Rey as one of her influences and that comes through strongly here.

Requiem opens the album’s final leg with punchy, racy Gothic rock. Black Horse has dramatic electronic-infused rock that gives Muse a run for their money. Another Life softens things a little and delivers a captivatingly reflective tale before title track Wingspan closes the album with a song that leaves it all out there. Its cantering tempo and all-enveloping crescendos makes it a final highlight.

Joining Hana on the record are bandmates Jim on guitar, Andy on drums, and Mishkin (who’s also featured on this blog with her own project) on bass. Wingspan is out now via Not Saints, the UK’s only record label working with musicians in recovery from addiction, and you can check it out below.