Review: Alone In Berlin at York Theatre Royal

We are used to epic films about the Second World War and stories of the blitz but this play shows us something quite different. It is based on a true story and tells of two normal working people in Berlin in 1940. A perfectly ordinary couple carry on a private campaign of resistance by leaving postcards in stairwells around the city on which anti-Nazi messages are written. Continue reading “Review: Alone In Berlin at York Theatre Royal”

Review: The Seagull at York Theatre Royal

When I was a Drama student in the late Sixties, Chekhov was much admired and much performed. He was linked with the acting technique of Stanislavski and invited an exploration of naturalistic acting. Over the decades since many other approaches to the art of acting have emerged and styles have been explored to suit contemporary drama, but I confess to a strong affinity with what The Americans called ‘The Method’ or Stanislavski’s technique. Continue reading “Review: The Seagull at York Theatre Royal”

Review: Reasons To Stay Alive at York Theatre Royal

I know that one in five people will experience mental health issues in their lives and after seeing tonight’s production I have begun to understand the horror of this condition. Matt Haig, the author, suffered from severe depression, anxiety, suicidal urges and panic attacks and he wrote a self-help book to assist others in their search for a functional existence. I haven’t read this manual so I came to the play with an open mind.
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