New Music: Edie Carey – Rise

Edie Carey is a country folk singer songwriter from the US. I only discovered her for the blog back at the end of March, but this is already the third track of hers that I’ll be sharing. Part of that is because she’s about to release an album, The Veil, but mostly it’s because I love her authentic and intimate approach to music. Her latest is no exception. It’s called Rise.

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Album Review: Luna Keller – Prophecies and Silver Linings

Luna Keller is a Cologne, Germany-based acoustic folk singer songwriter who we’ve been enjoying the music of since the end of 2020 when Jane shared her track Prophecy. The release of that single, plus all the ones to come since have culminated in her debut album Prophecies and Silver Linings. When I saw she had released it, I knew I had to give it a listen.

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