Album Review: 1.0.8. – Devotion

1.0.8. is the performing name of Andrew Stewart, a North Yorkshire-based artist who I’ve featured before on the blog. It was the originality of Andrew’s sound that first caught my attention, with genre descriptions proving elusive when I reviewed his single Creature. With that in mind, I was keen to hear more from him, so thought I’d give his new album Devotion a listen.

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Film Review: Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert

A few years ago, I visited Liverpool for work, and stayed for a couple of days. I booked a hotel and, visited many of the sites associated with The Beatles: The Cavern club (not the original, but it’s close), Strawberry Field, Penny Lane, and the house where John Lennon grew up with his Aunt Mimi. It was so moving going to these old haunts, because the band are often presented in a mythical or (and I’m not keen on the word) ‘legendary’ light. I felt the same way as I watched the film of The Beatles concert on the roof of the Apple building. It was all so, well, real: there’s Ringo, wearing the red shiny coat that belonged to his wife, because it was such a cold day. There’s the pinstripe on Paul’s shirt. The cars are late ‘60s cars. Men in the street wear bowler hats.

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