New Music: Ariana Fig – Guilty Pleasure

Ariana Fig is a Canadian singer songwriter who I first discovered for the blog back in 2020 through her no-nonsense track Broken Foot. She’s got a new song out, one that speaks of not lying to yourself. It’s called Guilty Pleasure.

By Graeme Smith

Ariana infuses Guilty Pleasure with a mix of pop and rock sensibilities. Driving percussion and bass mix with keys and dreamy guitar while Ariana’s vocals are utterly irresistible. It also puts a balm on the lyrics which essentially act as a rebuke for falling for the wrong man.

Growing up in Southwest Canada on a diet of Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, Ariana takes their classic song writing abilities and brings them right up to date with her music. Still young and early in her career, I think she has the makings of an international star. Keep an eye on her.

You can check out Guilty Pleasure below.

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