Album Review: Eria HummingBird – Lo-Fi Stop

Eria HummingBird is an Albi, France based composer and producer who likes to weave a tale about himself as much as within his music. When he pitched his album to me, he claimed that he had once been world famous, working with the biggest names in music, but a virus has wiped his name from existence. An intriguing story, and one that made me want to listen to the album. It’s called Lo-Fi Stop.

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Video: Gifts From Crows – Childhood (Dance of Unknowing)

Gifts From Crows, the recording name of neoclassical composer Richard Laurence, is a familiar name on our blog. I first discovered his music last autumn and have been keenly sharing his releases ever since. His latest is the second track taken from his new project Stories In Slow Light. It’s called Childhood (Dance of Unknowing).

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