Joshua Burnell & Band – Into The Green

‘Tis the season to be generous, and we think this Kickstarter campaign is one worthy contender for your goodwill. Local singer/songwriter Joshua Burnell has launched the campaign to get his album Into The Green made. Supported by a cornucopia of York musicians and one internationally famous illustrator, this is one to capture the imagination.

York’s music scene is thriving with the streets bustling with buskers, and bars and restaurants full of live music. The latest addition to the scene is the incredibly talented Joshua Burnell & Band, a fusion of artists offering a unique sound and abundance of talent, resulting in a fantastic folk/rock sound.

The band is made up of a guitarist, fiddler, bassist, and pianist, topped off with Joshua’s vocals, which tell the tales of traditional folk stories.

If that isn’t diverse enough, Joshua then brought together even more skilled artists to collaborate on the Joshua Burnell & Band album, Into the Green. Josh said:

“I have also been tremendously lucky with the musicians I have had collaborating with me on this project. Angela Gordon from Mostly Autumn did a tremendous job playing the flute; Yom Harding of Blackbeard’s Teaparty played Cajon; Paul Young, York’s best melodeon player, played melodeon; Antonio Curiale of Melthem played fiddle; Matthew Mefford of Milkdrive played bass; Rachel Brown played the cellos; Ben Burnell and Nathan Greaves who worked with me on Valénor, played guitars, mandolin and electric bass; and Frances Sladen added vocals to the opening track.”

Image description

Joshua Burnell – photo courtesy of Nima Ltd.

Into the Green is the story of a young shepherd who lives in the mountains beyond the ‘Misted Valley’. He loses his flocks in the middle of a thunder storm. He follows the trail which leads him deep into an enchanted wood and from there his wild adventure begins in his search to recapture his flocks from the malevolent fiends which have stolen them.

Now, with a theme like that, Joshua couldn’t imagine anyone better to produce the cover art than Ted Nasmith, the acclaimed Tolkien illustrator.

Into the Green isn’t just a music album. It’s a piece of art right from the cover through to every beautiful track and every poetic lyric. Joshua Burnell & Band need your support in seeing this masterpiece go to press. They need to raise £3500 to launch 1000 copies of this album, and you can show your support by pre-ordering a copy here.


Joshua Burnell & Band’s Kickstarter campaign for Into The Green runs until Saturday 30th January 2015. The album is due for release in the Spring.