The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery Premiere

Sunday morning at City Screen saw the premiere of the latest short film by local film-makers Wilde. Directed by the 19-year-old multi-talented Jack Spring, The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery marked his final effort before starting work on his first feature. We went along to find out more.

By Graeme Smith

12622089_732930190140742_8464346810177191424_oThough dressed to the nines, this was a low-key film premiere compared to the red carpet extravaganza of Leicester Square. A band of director Jack Spring and writer Aaron Nelson’s nearest and dearest had gathered for the event. In some ways it doubled as both a premiere and a send-off. Jack Spring’s next project is feature film Destination: Dewsbury which sees him become one of the youngest directors to ever manage a six-figure budget.

The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery proved to be a twisted tale of deceit and intrigue. It was ably performed by a cast who carried out the short story with a sense of sinister buffoonery. Long build-ups of tension were punctuated by comedy one-liners, making the film equal parts crime thriller and black comedy.


York was used as the film location, but not the parts of it you might expect. There are no gratuitous shots of the Minster or other local tourist attractions. In fact, most of the film is shot in suburbia, either on some anonymous street or inside a semi-detached house. This juxtaposition of gangsters and middle-England settings works well at subverting a well-worn genre.

All in all, The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery is a feat of great writing and directing that meant the audience was invested throughout, even when the plot got very thick in a very short time-frame. Wilde are a gem of the York arts scene, and there aren’t many like them.



The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery short film premiered at City Screen on Sunday 17 April 2016