Detour, Cyndi Lauper

Detour is the eleventh album by chart topping artist Cyndi Lauper and it’s a bit different from her usual pop music as she ventures into the sound of country music.

Jane Howkins

Detour is the latest Cyndi Lauper release, albeit a very different one to what typical Cyndi fans might be expecting. This time around, Cyndi has gone down the country route (with a sprinkling of blues in there too), with each song on the record being a cover of a well-known song of the genre, with Lauper putting her own spin on it. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t (as is the nature of the game), but for the most part, Detour is something hardcore fans will enjoy, whilst also providing something a bit different for the average listener.

There are both ballads and upbeat numbers, with a good selection of each to please the listener. Opening song Funnel Of Love (originally by Wanda Jackson) is an incredibly catchy tune that kicks things off with a bang, and the sort of song to get immediately stuck in your head. Walkin’ After Midnight (by Patsy Cline) is another fun song, featuring an interesting 1950s rhythm to it. In terms of ballads, one of the stand out tracks is The End of the World, managing to invoke the meaning that original singer Skeeter Davis first gave to the song.

As is the nature of the genre, some of the songs do veer off into the realms of cheesiness (in particular, You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly, originally sung by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty), but that is something to be expected, and if you can get past that (and even warm to it), then the initial tentativeness will fade.

That’s another thing as well – this is a very fun album to listen to, and the slight cheesy aspect to it actually improves the level of enjoyment that’s being offered up here. If you can put that aside (and it shouldn’t be too hard, as these are generally good songs), then you’ll have a fantastic time with this record. Whilst it is a bit of a departure from Lauper’s usual style, it works (at least, most of the time), and it is rather exciting to wonder what genres her next album will feature.

Cyndi Lauper’s Detour is available to purchase now.