Áine Cahill

We interview Irish singer/songwriter Áine Cahill about Glastonbury, banter and her forthcoming single Angels & Demons, out on 29 May.

By Jane Howkins

You have a new single out this month, titled Angels & Demons. What can you tell us about that? It’s an interesting title!
Angels & Demons I wrote a while ago. I had this picture in my head of those scenes in cartoons/films when there’s an angel and a devil on someone’s shoulder trying to persuade the person. It’s about when you have so many decisions to make and everyone is telling you what to do.

The single is coming off your upcoming EP, The Pretty Boy. What can you tell us about the EP?
The Pretty Boy EP has 4 tracks, Angels & Demons, Pretty Boy, Blood Diamonds and a new mix of Plastic. I suppose it touches on themes like greed, vanity and people being fake. I feel like my sound has grown a lot with this EP and I really love every track.

Do you have any plans to release any more singles, or is just one enough from an EP?
Angels & Demons will lead the release in the UK and then Pretty Boy will follow soon after that. I’m really excited for people to hear them!

You started out in the music industry at a rather young age, with your debut EP Paper Crown released back in 2014. Do you find that your age has helped or hindered your career?
Oh, I think it has helped a lot. I mean, back then I released everything myself and I knew nothing about the music business. I think that starting a bit younger kind of prepared me for what I’m doing at the moment. I’ve learned so much since then.

You’ve just come to the end of a tour around your home country, Ireland. How has that been, and how do you find touring there compared to other places?
Yes, just finished my first Irish tour. It was a dream. I had the best time with the band and everyone involved. I love playing in Ireland because I think they get my sense of humour a bit more than other places… I haven’t really toured anywhere else yet but I’m looking forward to all the festivals I have lined up in the UK this summer.

Speaking of your UK dates, you’re playing some gigs in the south of the country. Do you have any plans for a full headline tour soon? You should come further up north and visit us here in York!
Oh, I am just so, so excited for all the festivals I have lined up! I haven’t been to many places in the UK so I’m buzzing to get to visit them. Hmm, there’s no plans for a headline tour at the moment, but I would love to at some stage. It would be unreal!

How do you find playing at a festival compares to a normal gig, and which do you prefer?
Festivals and normal gigs can be worlds apart from each other. With normal gigs, you know that the people at the show have come to see you whereas festivals people could walk in not knowing who you are and end up really enjoying the show. So, I think festivals are great for reaching more people with your music.

You’re playing at Glastonbury, and you also played there for the first time last year. How did that feel? It must have wonderful to have been asked.
Glastonbury: I think it was the highlight of Summer 2016 for me! I don’t think I will ever forget it. Really excited to be coming back this year. I actually screamed on the phone when I heard I was doing it. Gunna be whopper!

Why do you think people should come and see you perform, and what can fans expect from an Áine Cahill gig? 
Hmmm, expect some sassy hands on stage with a bit of banter. The show builds and builds until the end. I’m all about the lyrics and the vocals with some chill drums, piano and violin motifs to blend everything together. Oh, and always, always harmonies.

Any last words for the fans? 
Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube @ainecahillmusic and Twitter/Snapchat @aine_cahill. Get ready for the EP. Thanks!

Áine Cahill’s single Angels & Demons is out on 26 May 2017.