Beth Ditto – Fake Sugar.

Fake Sugar is the debut solo album from Beth Ditto, formally known as the lead vocalist of indie-punk group The Gossip.

When Fake Sugar was first announced, questions were raised about whether the singer-songwriter would be able to last without the band backing her, but we’re pleased to announce that Ditto has pulled through in a most formidable fashion.

The songs on Fake Sugar are different to those that The Gossip produced, with the rock aspect of Ditto’s sound having been toned down a lot, with a more subtle, gentle style coming through. This isn’t a bad thing though, and the lady still has attitude, but it’s clear that she has moved on from the past, and it’s always good to hear an artist grow. The title track showcases Ditto’s new slowed down style and she sounds absolutely fantastic, with a real Southern twang coming through in her clear vocals (the Southern thing is somewhat of a theme throughout the album).

However, there are still edgy tracks present, for those wanting a bit more bang for their buck. Fake Sugar is generally a lot more down tempo than one might expect, but tracks such as In And Out, and new single Fire showcase Ditto at her best, and scream attitude at all times. If the album was all one way, then we think it could get a little samey, but it’s this mix of styles and sounds that really works in Ditto’s favour. Whilst it does get a little slow heavy towards the end, there are still enough good tracks here to warrant a purchase.

Fake Sugar shows that Ditto is not just a one trick pony, and on the basis of these tracks, should be in the spotlight for years to come.