Interview with The Faim

You’ve been touring recently with Lower Than Atlantis and Boston Manor. How has that been; any good tour stories? And where was the best place you played?

It was such a great experience. The guys from Lower Than Atlantis made our first tour very memorable. They’re like our big brothers now and we’ve learnt so much from them.

How did it feel to be touring with such established bands? Were you already fans of theirs and what was it like to tour with them?

We’ve been very lucky to be touring with so many amazing bands. Throughout High School most of us listened to Sleeping with Sirens so being able to tour with them in Australia and New Zealand was incredible and such a fun experience that we’ll never forget.

You also recently supporting PVMNTS on tour; how did that come about and did you enjoy it?

Our shows with PVMNTS were great! We played in front of so many new faces every night and it was so great meeting everyone after the show. It’s definitely a tour we’ll never forget; it was filled with great hangouts, FIFA games and banter.

You then played your own headline dates; what can you tell us about those?

Our headline shows were incredible. We were just so blown away with the amount of people that came down to see us. Most came from seeing us on tour with legends Lower Than Atlantis. Four months ago, we would have had no one come out to our shows because no one had heard of us.

You also played at Slam Dunk Festival this year; were you excited about that?

Slam Dunk was the very first festival we had ever played and was easily my favourite run of shows to date. The crowds were so engaged with our music and most people had never heard of us before. Everyone is such a big music lover and is willing to buy your bands merchandise if they dig your sound, which blows me away. We can’t wait to play more festivals in the future!

Which other festivals are you performing at this year? And how do festival shows compare to normal shows?

We recently played Download Festival which was our biggest festival to date. The crowd was huge and we had the best time playing for everyone. It was insane being able to play on the same day as Guns N Roses, a band that we all look up to. Later this year we have Reading and Leeds coming up, and we’re more than beyond excited to be playing such a prestigious festival in our first year of touring.

You released your debut single a few months ago, called Saints of The Sinners; how do you think that went, and why did you decide to release that track as a single? We hear it was written with Pete Wentz – how did that come about?

We’ve been blown away with the amount of support we’ve received. Being our debut single we were all very eager to get it out to the world and see how people would react to it but we couldn’t be happier with everybody’s reaction. We decided to release Saints of The Sinners first because we felt coming in with a rock song would make a bigger impact with the direction we wanted to head in. Plus, it’s one of our favourite songs that we’ve written so far. We were lucky enough to write with Pete Wentz on this thanks to our legendary producer John Feldmann. John and Pete are good friends and John invited him over for a writing session. We’re all long-term fans of Fall Out Boy so this was an incredible experience for us all.

Do you have a full-length release coming up anytime soon? If so, can you tell us anything about it?

Yes, we can say that we do have a full-length album coming out this year. We can’t say too much about it, but what we can tell you is that it will be very diverse in sound. No song will sound the same which reflects on how we are as musicians. Every member in our band listens to very different styles of music and It will be very evident in this upcoming album. We can’t wait to release it!

What would you say to recommend people to come and see The Faim live; and what can people expect from one of your shows?

I feel like with our show we have something for everyone, whether it’s a hard-hitting rock section or something everybody of all ages can dance to. You can expect a lot of high energy and passion coming from us on stage, we want to show the most authentic side of ourselves and want everybody to walk away from it with an experience they’ll never forget.

Finally, any last words for your new UK fans?

We want to say a big thanks to all of our UK fans. We’re going to remember our first run of shows for the rest of our lives so thank you for being a part of that.  Your support has been nothing short of amazing and still astounds us.

By Jane Howkins