Discovery: Hideyuki Hashimoto

Hideyuki Hashimoto is a pianist and composer from Osaka, Japan. His new piece Maru is the perfect soundtrack for a few minutes of peaceful, nostalgia-filled reflection.

By Graeme Smith

The piece was recorded live at Fluss in Tokyo. A solo on piano, it is stripped of bells and whistles, simply drawing the listener in with a strong and sympathetic melody. As the piece progresses, the simple melody is adorned with flourishes and improvisations that arrive like long-forgotten memories.

It’s Hashimoto’s sense of space and imagery in his compositions that has garnered him praise in his native Japan and I certainly can see that through Maru. Personally, I was transported to a sunny day in a field somewhere listening to it. See what you think by checking it out below. If you’ve been having a stressful day, it’s bound to cheer you up.