Discovery: Doc Feldman & the Alt + Cntry + Delete

Doc Feldman & The Alt + Cntry + Delete are a psych-country act whose lyrical expression of love caught my attention in their new track Let Me Love You.

By Graeme Smith

Comparing falling in love to being a refugee seems a bit odd, but Doc makes it work in Let Me Love You. In this six-minute love poem, Doc finds many ways to breath fresh life into an oft covered and often staid subject and that’s what really impressed me. Alongside the lyrics, Let Me Love You is a great song. Big guitar riffs meet gruff, folksy vocals which mix country and psych rock elements to perfection.

Doc is a former member of psych-folk band Good Saints and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. His new album A Healthy Dose of Anxiety is also out today. Check out Let Me Love You below.