Discovery: Levon

Levon is a country pop trio based in Nashville, USA. Their new track Wonder is filled with a rich sense of emotion and has a big, singalong chorus.

By Graeme Smith

In Wonder, Levon’s lead singer Michael David Hall’s mind drifts off to a someone he once knew and that sense of daydreaming runs through the track from the instrumentals to his own gritty, expressive vocals. A well-produced pop track, things start slow and intimate and build to a cinematic climax.

Made up of three best friends – Michael, Jake Singleton and Ryan Holladay – Levon are named after the Elton John song of the same name as well as Levon Helm of The Band. That gives you a little clue of the kind of influences from which they draw their inspiration. If you like your pop powerful, check out Wonder below.