Discovery: AstroMike Gordon

AstroMike Gordon are a baroque pop band from Malmö, Sweden. Their new track Margret The Widow is a masterclass in vintage pop and storytelling.

By Graeme Smith

Channelling folk and pop influences, AstroMike Gordon take a classic style and bring it right up to date in their music. I was reminded of The Beatles and Belle and Sebastian while listening to their new track Margret The Widow. Telling the story of a recent death, the attention to detail and human touches are sublime.

AstroMike Gordon are Albin Johansson on keyboards, Kristain Rimshult on bass, Kristopher Rostedt on drums and Cristoffer Csanady on guitar and providing the crooning vocals. The story in Margret The Widow is Cristoffer’s.

You can hear the song below.