EP Review: Crux – Death At The Cash Machine

Crux are a Newcastle-based prog-rock band who explore the chaos of modern living through their new EP Death At The Cash Machine.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Chris Ord

From their opening track Living In Dystopia, you know that Crux don’t have a rosy outlook on life. Yet, they present their manifesto eloquently, with down to earth lyrics and machine gun guitar and drums. As the track progresses, there is an interlude of psych before returning to its hard rock origins with an immense guitar solo. It’s a strong start.

Track two Bigg Market slows things down, giving the vocals and lyrics more room to breath. The visceral nature of their storytelling becomes apparent, accompanied by an almost doom punk arrangement. The mood flows through into track three Incel. Just like the subject of its title, it’s full of barely suppressed rage, along with scuzzy riffs. As the band intimate, it’s based on a true story.

As is the case with Radgie Gadgie, another character-driven slice of society’s murky underbelly. Stylistically interesting, it feels like a fusion of ska-punk with prog-rock. The quick fire delivery last heard in Living In Dystopia returns and the band have a lot of fun with a spoken word section just before the track’s big finish. It’s a highlight.

Track five Slaving Away returns to the theme of capitalism first introduced in Bigg Market, and it juxtaposes nihilistic lyrics with a light surf rock style to great effect. The EP then closes with Agent Orange (+erased), an almost seven minute, two-part odyssey. Crux are at their most bombastic here, channelling so big rock energy you might expect from Queens Of The Stone Age.

With Death At The Cash Machine, Crux are well and truly announcing themselves. There’s definitely a space for them in the UK rock scene and they are already capturing the ear of tastemakers like BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, Hype Machine and Amazing Radio. This EP feels both timeless and current. What more can you ask for?

You can hear Death At The Cash Machine below.