EP Review: Rae Radick – Rae Radick

Rae Radick is a singer-songwriter from the USA who was born in Pennsylvania, but currently resides in New York City. She has recently released a new EP which is also titled Rae Radick and I really enjoyed her sound, so decided to do a review of the EP. See how I got on below…

By Jane Howkins

Rae’s sound has elements of rock, pop, country, folk and Americana to it, although her music does lean more towards the country-rock genre, reminding me a little of Shania Twain’s music. The first song on the EP is called Keep ’em Guessing, opening the EP up nicely. It has quite a rocky feel to it, with some amazing guitar riffs helping the upbeat rhythm along. I also felt there was a sense of rock and roll attitude to the song and Rae’s vocals are fantastic, with her belting them out over the music. The chorus is also particularly catchy so make sure you check this track out first!

In A Memory starts off with a slower tempo, with the song having more of a folk ballad feel to it. The guitar melodies are still there but have a milder feel to them and the bass melody is just as important here. It sounds very soulful at times and the backing vocals were a nice touch.

Sorry’s Not Good Enough brings the rhythm back up again, kicking off with some bluesy guitar melodies, adding yet another arrow to Rae’s impressive bowstring. The rhythm is a little different to the norm but works well, making it sound even catchier – just try listening to the song without wanting to tap your toes along in time!

Circle Game has more of a sinister feel to it, with an eerie guitar and bass melody making up most of the instrumentation here. It has quite a dark atmosphere to it and the lyrics seem to be about the pitfalls of social media, something most of us can identify with. The chorus sounds a little more positive but it’s the verses that really shine through here.

The Soldier And The Bombshell is perhaps the slowest song here, with the track being more of a folk song than the other tracks on offer on Rae Radick. The main instrumentation comes from a beautiful acoustic guitar melody and the lyrics seem to tell a love story – Rae’s vocals really help to tell the tale in the lyrics.

Supreme Sixteen brings things back up again to a more mid-tempo flow and also introduces some synths onto the track, alongside the guitar melodies. The synths work well with the rest of the music, giving the song something of an electro-rock vibe – the chorus is also very catchy.

Who You’re Meant To Be brings things back down again, with a beautiful piano melody opening the song. The piano works well with the guitar melodies and it has a really vulnerable sound to it, seeing Rae opening herself up to the world.

Miss The Most is the final track on the EP, also starting out with a piano melody. The song is fairly stripped back but it does raise the volume slightly from the previous song, although it still has quite a melancholy feel to it. The piano is the real star of this track, although Rae’s vocals are also beautiful here.

Rae Radick is a fantastic singer-songwriter and musician and her latest EP shows just how talented she is, especially given all the different genres she’s able to include within her music. Make sure you check out the EP on her website and social media pages below!