EP Review: Little Victories – One

One is the debut EP release from British band Little Victories, sounding very impressive considering that this is their debut! The four songs contained on this EP perfectly encapsulate their sound, making it perfect for those into their indie pop music.

By Jane Howkins

Another Rush starts the EP off in style, with a minimalist quality to the music that sounds very haunting. The vocal harmonies emerge next, sounding beautiful throughout. It’s quite a slow song, building up the tension over time, with some interesting percussive and guitar melodies appearing later on. It’s the perfect opener to One, leaving you wanting for more!

Love Gets Me Down is a little more up-tempo, having a more positive vibe to it. The little guitar melodies have a flowing vibe to them, pushing the track along in style. The male and female vocals duet together, creating a nice dynamic. One of the things that impressed me most about Little Victories is the way they use their dual vocals to good effect across all the songs on this EP.

Set In Stone has several guitar melodies running alongside each other, meaning you’ll have to listen to the track a few times to fully appreciate everything. The female vocals take pride of place here, working well with the guitars. The music has an epic feel to it, sounding truly beautiful, especially on the quieter moments.

Fool is the final track on One, having a dreamy quality to it. It’s perhaps the quietest song on the entire EP, bringing the minimalist vibes from the first track back to the forefront, bringing the EP around in a complete circle. This only serves to make it seem more beautiful, sounding positively ethereal at times.

One is an amazing release from a highly skilled band. I loved the different genres and elements that Little Victories bring into play on the EP, showing just how diverse their sound is!

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