Video: Sugarmoon – Just A Feeling

Sugarmoon are a Bristol-based retro rock act who have caught my attention through their new recorded live performance of their track Just A Feeling.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Fred Iles

Sugarmoon are a band that lean into classic rock in both their sound and their aesthetic. The video see the band taking to the stage of an old-fashioned music magazine show, circa 1969, singing “yet another song about feelings.” The humour is what grabs you but the easy listening and bluesy style of their music is what keeps you watching. The vocals are soulfully delivered and the instrumentals are a soothing balm on a stressful day.

The band have been described as “Bristol’s leading folk-pop force” and it’s about time their local recognition went national. Sugarmoon have talent by the spoonful. You can watch the video for Just A Feeling below.

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