Discovery: Tomerle

Tomerle, real name Dingo Sosa, is an experimental electronic artist based in Kamakura, Japan. He’s just hit my radar through his emotive new track. It’s called Misty.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Tomerle

Misty expresses a lot. Opening with a percussive loop, it gives you an immediate sense of wistful nostalgia. The nostalgia is not confined to a particular time or place though, rather something unknown, perhaps somewhere that never really existed. Its instrumentals are at once at odds with each other and perfectly coherent. I’ve really not heard much like it. All I know for certain is that it’s totally enchanting.

As well as making music, Tomerle shares tracks he loves through his podcast Jus Listen. Truly a man of hidden depth, I look forward to hearing more from him. I hope you’ll agree. You can check out Misty below.

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