Discovery: Ear Candy

Ear Candy is the solo indie pop project of Ringwood-based producer and singer songwriter Jamie Jordan. He’s caught my attention through his bright and breezy new single. It’s called Better Alone.

By Graeme Smith

Better Alone starts as it means to go on, with a lively but laidback combination of rock and pop elements. Jamie’s vocals enter the groove naturally, telling a story of having had enough of a relationship. His vocals find a renewed sense of passion during an earworm chorus. Better Alone is a great tune, and a lot of fun.

Jamie describes Ear Candy as “like dayglow had an inappropriate love child with Panic! At The Disco” and I’m not sure I could describe the sound better myself! I look forward to hearing his future planned releases for 2022, and I hope you will be too. You can check out Better Alone below.

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