Discovery: Fledgling

Fledgling is the new recording name of Alfie Jackson, former frontman of ’00s indie rock band The Holloways. As a solo artist, Alfie is taking a bit more of an acoustic approach to his music. His latest, featuring a secret collaborator, is called Superheroes.

By Graeme Smith

Superheroes opens with a bright, nostalgic acoustic guitar melody before the beautiful vocals of Alfie’s secret collaborator come in. The lyrics are image-laden, painting pictures in your head as you get lost in the gentle folk instrumentals. It’s a stunning track, and a wonderful introduction to Alfie’s new project.

Fledgling is more than just a recording name. It’s the name of a wider project including a studio, a label and curation of up and coming unsigned artists. Through it, Alfie is hoping to form a community of writers, producers and artists who can lean on each other and thrive.

You can give Superheroes a listen below.

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