Discovery: Julian Tran

Julian Tran is an alternative folk artist and composer who has just come to my attention thanks to the fourth and final part of his FANTASY UNLIMITED project. Each part contains two tracks and in this one we get Strange Times and Here They Come.

By Graeme Smith

With the project, Julian wanted to blend song writing with soundscapes and what we get is something that is infinitely atmospheric while being grounded in the human experience. Strange Times gives us vibrant textures, Julian’s smooth and charismatic vocals, and a violin arrangement co-written and performed by Clara Barry. Here They Come is a driving and contemplative tale that unfolds over six and a half minutes.

Julian writes, records, produces and mixes all his own music but most impressively he’s not afraid to share his unique voice, experience and way with words. You can check out FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART IV below.

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