New Music: De Antiquis Et Novis – Falling Stars

Munich, Germany-based EDM artist De Antiquis Et Novis has been on my radar since early last year when I ran the rule over his lush track Afterglow. Since then, I’ve shared two more singles of his, as well as his album Alchemy. Now he’s back with another. It’s called Falling Stars.

By Graeme Smith

There’s a touch of the old school about Falling Stars, opening with urgent keys, groovy percussion and twinkling highlights. Snatches of enchanting vocals come in, painting a dreamy and imaginative picture. If you’re looking for some music to lift your mood today, look no further than Falling Stars.

De Antiquis Et Novis is the project of Matthias Schorer who composes, produces, engineers and plays synthesisers. He has a new album set for release in the middle of this year. You can check out Falling Stars below.

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