New Music: Limón Limón x Scoobert Doobert – 3:00

Southern California, USA-based bedroom pop outfit Limón Limón have been all over our pages since Jane discovered them for us back in 2020, yet I somehow haven’t had the chance to share any of their music personally. That all changes thanks to their team up with fellow Californian act Scoobert Doobert. It’s called 3:00.

By Graeme Smith

3:00 is for fans of Air’s Moon Safari. It mixes the acoustic with the airy and ethereal, with delicate and smooth vocals delivery image-laden lyrics. It’s a sumptuous track that I knew I had to share as soon as I heard it.

It’s clear to see why Jane’s such a big fan of Limón Limón. They create feelgood, laidback music that’s perfect for any occasion. You can check out 3:00 below.