Discovery: Stefano Manotti

Stefano Manotti is a Parma, Italy-based indie folk singer songwriter who has just hit my radar thanks to his intense and unconventional new track Borsa Nera.

By Graeme Smith

Borsa Nera is a philosophical track, ruminating on the fragility of human relationships. It opens slow and contemplative with minimal electronic instrumentals but it builds to a dramatic climax. The vocals are in Italian, but the emotion is universal.

Stefano Manotti has been putting out music since 2021, and released his debut EP Ideale last year. Though his career is still quite young, his music has already been praised for its rareness and poetry.

The arrangement and mixing for Borsa Nera is by Giulio Carmassi. Production and mastering is by Paolo Schianchi and OmniaMusica Recording Studio. You can give it a listen below.

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