New Music: Asterous – Eye For An Eye

Vancouver, Canada-based rock duo Asterous have been featuring on this blog since 2021 and we’ve had ample chances to indulge in their unique brand of hard rock. That never stops us going back for more. Their latest is called Eye For An Eye.

By Graeme Smith

Eye For An Eye is, of course, about revenge. There’s a palpable sense of anger in its composition, but it’s more complex than that. The track feels like Asterous’s most ambitious we’ve heard yet, mixing rock, electronic and experimental aspects to create something that feels bold and original.

Asterous are songwriter, vocalist, keyboard and synth player Rummy Kandola and guitarist, bass player and backing vocalist Don Beaudoin. The pair produce, record and mix their own music.

Mastering for Eye For An Eye comes from Stephen Kerrison of Tall Trees Studios. You can give the track a listen below.

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