New Music: ANDRÆ – Ungreen thumb

London-based indie R&B artist ANDRÆ has featured once before on this blog, but not since 2020 when I ran the rule over his track I Don’t Fall I Crash. His latest takes on a topic not often covered in pop music – gardening. It’s called Ungreen thumb.

By Graeme Smith

In Ungreen thumb, ANDRÆ confesses to having a poor relationship with his plants. There’s obviously a quirkiness about it, but as a pop song it also hits nicely, with stripped back, bass-heavy electronica and soulful, flowing vocals. As the track progresses past its first verse, the groove really kicks in, as does the joy.

Originally from Belguim, ANDRÆ now bases himself here in the UK. It’s so great to have him, and his unique brand of pop, back on the blog.

You can give Ungreen thumb below.

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