New Music: Izzy Pingrey – narcissus

New York, USA-based pop artist Izzy Pingrey first hit my radar in May this year thanks to her honest and relatable track sick of it. Now she’s back with a new one that ruminates on the concept of toxic friendship. It’s called narcissus.

By Graeme Smith

Narcissus, of course, is the character from Greek mythology whose ultimate downfall came from being too in love with himself. We encounter the type in our everyday lives and it’s these kind of people that Izzy calls out in her track. Yet, there’s a lightness to her acoustic pop arrangement and Izzy’s vocals are, as always, beautifully captivating.

Still a teenager, Izzy has been writing music since the age of thirteen. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her if she keeps putting out music like she is. You can listen to narcissus below.

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