Video: Tea Eater – Double

Based in Brooklyn, USA, Tea Eater are an art punk band who have just caught my attention thanks to their new single and video that combines heavy chords with girl band harmonies. It’s called Double.

By Graeme Smith

Tea Eater is fronted by Tarra Thiessen of Gustaf and Sharkmuffin. She formed her new act during lockdown in Lake Placid, fueled by Twin Peaks and old movies. Their debut LP landed in 2021 but it’s taken until now of them to land on my radar, thanks to Double.

Double canters along with a some swaggering punk energy. There’s plenty of fuzz but what stands out most is Tarra’s charismatic vocals. In true punk style, it’s over quickly but sticks with you. Double is a belter.

Its surreal video nicely combines nature and farce and brims with chaotic energy. You can check it out below.

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