Discovery: Kelsey Montanez

Kelsey Montanez is a Chicago, USA-based pop artist who has been described as one of her city’s best kept secrets. The secret has now reached us here at this side of the pond thanks to her explosive new single Mr. Crybaby.

By Graeme Smith

Opening with a steady, blues rock groove, Mr. Crybaby channels the ’90s pop rock sound made famous by Sheryl Crow. It’s got a big, anthemic chorus where Kelsey’s expressive vocals are at their best. All the while, an infectious bass lick keeps things marching on.

Kelsey first came to prominence in 2013 when her EP A Delightful Sadness earned her a record contract and a collaboration with Chance the Rapper. Since then, she’s gone independent, setting her artistic direction while retaining her devoted fanbase. You can now count us among them.

You can listen to Mr. Crybaby below.

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