Discovery: Beljune

Beljune was raised in Birmingham and is now based in London. He’s just released his debut single under this performing name, a combination of the names of his two grandmothers – Bel and June – and it’s a powerful debut. Chronicling issues with domestic abuse and mental health, it’s called Poison.

By Graeme Smith

Beljune is queer and with Poison he wanted to shed light on these issues is the context of a same-sex relationship. He does this through intimate, acoustic guitar paired with long, meditative electronic notes. Genre-wise it’s difficult to pin down, with elements of soul, blues and pop, but the emotion of the vocals is unambiguous, especially during a passionate, cathartic climax.

It’s incredible to think that Poison is Beljune’s debut. I’m excited to hear what else he’s going to bring out because this introduction is so strong. You can check out Poison for yourself below.

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