EP Review: Estrada – Public Secret

Public Secret is the debut EP from ‘foogaze’ innovator Estrada. His sound is a take on ’90s shoegaze that gives it a nostalgic and comforting feel across his debut’s six tracks.

By Graeme Smith

The EP opens with iwantuall4me. A slow building intro opens with drums and isolated guitar notes before a warm riff comes in. We simmer in it for awhile before we reach Estrada’s emotional vocals. Smooth and expressive, you feel an instant affection for them, and are invited to stick around.

Floating comes next. There’s a sense of euphoria about it, but also a pensiveness. Estrada describes it as recreating the feeling of being metaphorically stranded in the middle of an ocean and you certainly get that mix of expansiveness and trepidation. It proves to be an early highlight.

Title track Public Secret is tinged with a sense of melancholia and heartbreak while remaining comfortably hazy. Finallyfoundyou keeps the emotions heightened and mixes in a sense of uplifting romance. Esta Noche Que Salí takes things in a lively direction before Distance rounds off the EP with a slow-burning number that ends with a taste of the epic. It’s another highlight.

Estrada has already built quite the following for himself across TikTok and Instagram but it feels a good time for the rest of the world to discover his beautiful sonic world. This EP is going to go a long way in helping us to. You can check it out below.