New Music: Tea Head – Needles and Pins

Philadelphia, USA-based rock band Tea Head first hit our radar in July this year thanks to their track Next Year which impressed me with its emotional complexity. Now they’re back with a new one that will make you feel in equal measure. It’s called Needles and Pins.

By Graeme Smith

Tea Head’s latest is a bright one but there are shades of darkness thrown in for depth. A lively opening guitar refrain sets the mood before melancholic vocals come in. They speak of the weight of societal expectations and never feeling like enough. A cathartic chorus clears away the doubts. It’s a must listen for all of life’s misfits.

Needles and Pins was written by John Themistocles Fordyce and Joseph Alfonso Bucci. It was recorded at Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia, was produced and mixed by Vic Antonio, and mastered by Tyler Ripley. It’s out now via Free Dive Records and you can check it out below.

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