Video: Denni Ian – Here, In Absence

Denni Ian is a “post-folk troubadour” and multi-instrumentalist based in Aarhus, Denmark. An advocate of the Danish underground arts scene and a published author, he’s just caught my attention with his latest track and video, a ’90s art rock and post-punk inspired effort called Here, In Absence.

By Graeme Smith

Here, In Absence is a gentle, melancholic number reminiscent of the likes of Nick Cave or Elliot Smith. Denni’s characterful vocals pair nicely with his duet partner and the instrumentals are perfectly atmospheric, but what stands out most about the track is its poetic lyrics that paint a vivid, surreal picture. It’s all wonderfully striking.

The track is taken from Denni’s upcoming second album SALT KING, set for release on 15 September, a delayed release following a serious road accident that Denni experienced in 2022, which left him in a coma and almost cost him an eye.

You can check out the expressive video for Here, In Absence below.

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