New Music: ANDRÆ – Lover (ft. Prawn Prison)

ANDRÆ is a London-based artist who first came to our attention in 2020. I was immediately taken with his unique brand of indie RnB but it wasn’t until this year that he returned to this blog. In June, I shared his track Ungreen Thumb and have been making up for lost time ever since. A share of 2D came in August and now here’s another new one from him. This time he’s teaming up with Prawn Prison and the track is called Lover.

By Graeme Smith

Lover is ANDRÆ’s take on the Narcissus myth and the concept of self love and self lust. There’s an offbeat sultriness to the track as it subverts the trend for loving oneself by taking things very literally. Heavy bass hits particularly pleasingly while ANDRÆ’s soulful vocals provide the human touch. Prawn Prison is a slam poet who gives the whole piece another dimension.

Lover features of ANDRÆ’s new EP I’m killing all my plants, which is out now in all the usual places. You can give the single a listen below.

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