Video: Grace & Moji – Tipping Point

Los Angeles, USA-based husband and wife duo Grace & Moji first came to my attention in the summer of this year when they released the video for their track Monster. Now they’re back with another video exploring the moment when a relationship is teetering on the brink of collapse, held together by hope and resilience. It’s called Tipping Point.

By Graeme Smith

Tipping Point shows us a raw and vulnerable side to Grace & Moji’s sound. The track was actually inspired by a rough patch in their own marriage and the authentic emotion can be felt in the soulful vocals and stripped back acoustic instrumentals. An intimate and powerful video completes the spell. Together they are mesmerising.

This is the pair’s third single release and they already have a growing reputation for their unique approach to indie pop and folk. You can check out the video for Tipping Point yourself below.

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